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Livestock breeding fan less investment, low energy consumption. The same cooling rate, one-time investment is about one-sixth of air-conditioning, operating costs about one-tenth of air-conditioning;
Cooling effect is significant, can the temperature dropped to 28 degrees or so in line with the human body temperature If the wells with water as a source of better water, can compare the effect of air conditioning
The air is fresh and moist. Air cleanliness of up to 99%;
High quality, affordable, especially for greenhouses cultivation.
Affordable, to meet the needs of different consumers.
Livestock breeding fan characteristics:
1. Outer frame material using strong corrosion resistance of the special thick galvanized sheet production, frame using CNC machine tools, advanced technology, high precision
2.CAD optimization design.
3. Wheel has high-strength aluminum alloy, cast steel two.
4. The new type of twisted stamping stainless steel blades, a reasonable angle of the leaf, the air flow can achieve the best level.
5. High-precision microcomputer-aided manufacturing system to maximize the performance of the fan.
6. Strict quality testing procedures: noise detection, vibration detection, concentric performance testing, fan speed detection, machine efficiency testing
7. High-performance 380V three anti-special motor.
8. The use of iron-collector, FRP collector, rear safety net to facilitate the demolition.
Livestock breeding fan Scope:
1. Agriculture: large-scale farms, greenhouses, greenhouses and livestock farms.
2.Industry: The workshop of high temperature and sulking, such as textile, garment, glass, rubber, injection, painting, screen printing, printing, toy, home appliance, footwear, electronics, food processing, bleaching and dyeing and laundry.
3. Civilian areas: Internet cafes, supermarkets, canteens, exhibition halls, waiting rooms and entertainment, such as temperature regulation.
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