Heavy hammer fan

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Heavy hammer fan: structure and principle: fan blade is a Kohler stainless steel stamping, no dust, beautiful and durable. Special blade shape design to ensure that the wind volume, no deformation, no rupture, the air volume of all the same form.
China's famous motor and Siemens motors are available. The motor voltage and frequency can be customized. China's famous car with a specially designed fan, the first proposed in the phase-phase protection device, turn off the power, when the power shortage can be self-power. Motor protection class IP55, insulation class F.
Fan pulley is made of high-strength aluminum-magnesium alloy die-casting. Reduced weight, impeller blade integrity, high corrosion resistance. Strengthen the tight pulley design. Eliminate internal stress, improve their own stiffness and stability, not broken.
Fan bearing double row bearing special waterproof design, water can not enter. High strength, low noise, maintenance-free, long service life.
High-strength nylon 100-hammer open structure to ensure that shutters open, close and flexible.
Belt imported belt, to ensure that life, maintenance-free.
Features: Frame using advanced automatic CNC equipment processing technology. High precision; thick gold-plated layer, strong corrosion resistance. High-strength aluminum alloy finale wheel hub, a new twist stamping molding leaf fan; a reasonable angle of the leaf can reach the maximum air flow. High-precision microcomputer-aided manufacturing system can make the fan to maximize performance. 5 strict quality testing procedures: noise detection, rotation concentric performance testing, fan speed detection, machine efficiency testing; high-performance 380V three anti-special motor. Using the iron group of fans, abs plastic collector (three) to facilitate the demolition of the rear safety net; CAD optimization design.
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