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The push-pull fan is a mechanical device that relies on the input of mechanical energy to raise the pressure of the gas to discharge the gas, which is a driven fluid machine.
Structure and composition
Mainly have fan blades, motor, frame, nets, support frame, shutters and other components, the motor-driven fan to produce airflow, the activities of the type can be equipped with shutters, shutters automatically open after shutting down shutters automatically shut down, To prevent outdoor dust, foreign bodies and other entry, but also to avoid the impact of rain and snow and downwind [1].
Performance characteristics
1, the frame material using strong corrosion resistance of the special thick galvanized sheet production;
2, frame using CNC machine tools, advanced technology, high precision;
3, the wheels have high-strength aluminum alloy cast steel two: new distortion stamping molding fan;
4, a reasonable leaf angle, air flow can achieve the best level;
5, high-precision microcomputer-aided manufacturing system can make the fan to maximize the effectiveness of strict quality testing procedures: noise detection vibration detection concentric performance testing fan speed detection machine efficiency testing: high-performance 380V three anti-special motor;
6, the use of iron collector, FRP collector (two): easy removal after the safety net, CAD optimization design [2].
Use range
Various types of livestock farms, agricultural greenhouse flowers, industrial plants, such as ventilation cooling, ventilation. 

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