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All-plastic fan: 1, the first big cubic to create the first overall plastic fan, permanent corrosion-resistant products, fan noise, wind, easy to clean, high dielectric strength, high safety factor.
2, the collector with CAD optimization design ABS plastic injection molding, the width of the cylinder is set to 2 times the air collector, the wind collection better.
3, the blade of a plastic injection molding plastic to achieve deformation, not broken, beautiful and durable. The overall micro-computer dynamic balance test, the reasonable leaf-type angle to ensure that produce a large number of airflow at the same time produce very low noise;
4, aluminum alloy profile using aerospace nano technology, hot-pressing molding, light weight, high strength, good toughness, and do spray treatment, the surface is more beautiful.
5, Venetian use of high-strength aluminum alloy spraying process to ensure that its open and close freely to achieve non-blocking, close tight, and play a dust, wind, rain and so on.
6, push-pull body opening device PA66 industrial nylon injection molding processing, with high strength, long life, smooth and so on.
7, imported A-belt, no deformation, long life, in the entire cycle from maintenance.
8, after the double cross support to enhance the stability and stability of the whole body to extend the service life.
9, multi-channel rigorous quality testing procedures: noise detection, vibration detection, rotation concentric performance testing, fan speed detection, air volume testing, machine efficiency testing, to meet and exceed national standards.
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