Cattle hanging fan

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The use of barn hanging fan, you can achieve temperature control of the barn, through the barn temperature and humidity adjustment for the barn to provide the appropriate temperature conditions.
Cowhair hanging fan in use, the more close to the air outlet where the higher the temperature, the more concentrated odor, which is mainly wet curtain area is not enough, uneven distribution, cooling capacity is limited. The solution is to increase the wet curtain area or reduce the water temperature. Can also be changed to a small wet curtain, scattered installation.
When the barn humidity of 80% to 90%, if installed unreasonable, prone to import low temperature and high humidity and export of high temperature and humidity phenomenon. Such a situation, it is recommended to disable the wet curtain, the application of strong fan system, the damp air inside the barn away, to achieve the purpose of cooling.
Proper installation of cattle homes hanging fan, cooling effect will have a great relationship. Plug-in fan can be used in a variety of types of barn, hanging in the barn strong, increase the cooling effect.
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