Wet curtain fan

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Wet curtain fan
Wet curtain fan is the use of machine water circulation system will be blown by the fans in the air to absorb the heat to achieve the effect of cooling, some coolers also used in the water to add "ice" and other refrigerants to enhance the endothermic effect, there are chillers Has a clean air and sterilization function. Cooler is a fan and air conditioning between a cooling products.
Chinese name Shilian Fengji foreign name shilianfengji between the fan and air-conditioning cooling products, also known as a way to cool the dry air cooler, wet and wet and dry hybrid requirements Host installation must be level
Introduction of wet curtain fan
Wet curtain fan, also known as evaporative cooling fan, is a set of cooling, ventilation, dust, in addition to a taste of the evaporative cooling unit. Arctic ice wet curtain fan in addition to enterprise workshops, public places, commercial entertainment occasions to bring fresh air and lower the temperature, there is an important feature ---- energy saving, environmental protection! It is a new compressor, refrigerant, copper-free environmentally friendly products, the main components of the core ----- evaporative wet curtain (multi-layer corrugated fiber composite) and 1.1KW main motor / is the traditional central Air-conditioning power consumption 1/8, for the industry more real power. Wet curtain fan in the cold storage also known as air cooler: it is mostly by the axial fan and cooling pipe and other components of a complete set of equipment. The wet curtain fan relies on the fan to force the air in the cold storage room to flow through the cooling pipe in the cabinet for heat exchange so as to cool the air, so as to reduce the temperature of the storage.
According to the cooling air used in the way can be divided into dry chillers, wet and dry wet hybrid three.
Among them, the refrigerant or refrigerant flow in the pipe, through the pipe wall cooling air outside the tube known as the dry-type cooler;
To spray the refrigerant liquid directly and air heat exchange, known as the wet air cooler;
Hybrid cooling fan in addition to the cooling pipe, there are refrigerant spray device.
Commonly used in cold storage dry-type cooling fan can be divided into the location according to their installation ceiling and floor-type two types. They are composed of air-cooling pipe, fan and defrosting device, and the cooling fan inside the cooling pipe is a chip-type. Large dry curtain fan often floor type.
1, floor-wet curtain fan: floor-type cooler mainly by the upper, middle and lower parts.
There are three kinds of floor-type chillers for cold storage: Type 081 - used for freezing cold room; type 082 - for cold room; type 083 for freezing. 2, ceiling-style chillers: ceiling-mounted chiller installed in the Treasury under the flat, do not take up the Treasury area. According to the ceiling-type wet curtain fan of the air form, can be divided into single-sided air supply and double-sided air; according to its fin form, there are around-chip and chip-type.
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