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Fan wet curtain environmental requirements

1. For the wet curtain design and installation of the staff can not be careless, if the indoor window from the ground is high, then the wet curtain distance is necessary to use the negative pressure vertical ventilation the best distance, the fan and the wet curtain installed in the Both ends.
2. When there is room at one end of the room, the wet curtain can not be installed on one end of the wall, you can install the wet curtain wall in the room near the wall, the fan is installed in the opposite wall, in pairs Angle installation.
3. When the distance between the gable in the workshop is too long and the distance of the ventilation of the fan can not reach the expected effect, in order to reduce the resistance loss, the lateral ventilation can be adopted, ie the fan and the wet curtain are installed in groups.
4. The arrangement of the wet curtain is generally selected in the upper air outlet, the fan is arranged in the lower air inlet, and the air inlet of the wet curtain must have enough air inlet space.
5. Generally a fan configuration 6-8 square curtain is appropriate, but also to be distributed evenly.
6. Negative pressure fan and wet curtain with embedded installation, is in the premises of the wall set aside or is now out of the fan and wet curtain location.
Installation techniques
Wet curtain fan is a very good cooling equipment, has now been recognized by many customers.For wet curtain fan installation requires professionals to install, good or bad can be related to the effect of cooling afterwards.
1. First, we have to check the transport has not destroyed, to avoid leakage.
2. Installation to use external PVC pipe matching, with a large water pressure is not enough, with a small and because the water pressure and lead to leakage.
3, installed, the water transfer is the key, not too big or too small. Large will easily lead to leakage, wet curtain fan is not enough because of the humidity, and not achieve the cooling effect.

Bottom of the fan group wall - mounted description
40 * 40 * 4 angle iron frame with the wall or window bolt bolt field match, air duct and angle iron frame rubber pad between the anti-vibration, and all cracks are sealed with glass or cement mortar. Bending the drawings according to the requirements to do a good job, the cross-sectional area can not be less than 0.45 square meters. Install the air duct to install the boom on the installation chassis, so that all the weight of the wind pipe hanging on the chassis.

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